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Regina has its fair-share of world-class shows, concerts and theatre. Check out some of these legends coming next month!


These Canadian legends of rock are back on the road! The band behind the radio hit “New Girl Now,” Honeymoon Suite were a mainstay of the 80s. Just TRY to read this lyric without thinking of the instantly recognizable melody: “I’ve got a – new – girl – nooooooooow…”

These hardcore troubadours will be coming to Casino Regina on February 1 to play all their hits, as well as songs from their many gold and platinum albums.  


Steven Sondheim’s musicals have a certain timeless quality. More elaborate and dark than his contemporary Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, Sondheim’s musicals Sweeney Todd and West Side Story transform unlikely sources into uplifting musical theatre. Nowhere is that truer than Into The Woods, his take on the classic fairy tales of The Brothers Grimm and the very human stories that lurk beneath them. Into The Woods was a Broadway hit for many years and more recently a Hollywood Blockbuster, and this latest production at the Riddell Theatre at the University of Regina is sure to capture that fairy tale magic in Regina as well. With shows from February 6-10, there are plenty of opportunities to go into these woods!


He’s weird, he’s awkward, he’s totally hilarious. Canada’s own Jeremy Hotz is a comedy legend, a touring superstar who is internationally recognized and celebrated. His stage presence is deeply anxious but his observational comedy is relatable and eye-opening, inviting his audiences to see just how silly daily life really is. On February 6, Hotz will be taking his “Dangerously Handsome” tour (that’s a joke – Hotz looks… weird) to Casino Regina!

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