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After the rush of the holidays, you’re left in the cold, drab depths of winter. This is the time when it’s easy to decide to settle in and give up on going out to have fun – to make the choice to hibernate instead of exploring and seeking adventure.

OR the curiosity can get the better of you and you'll yearn to see what’s out there!

Whether you’re someone who doesn’t let a little bit of snow get them down, or you need a bit of a winter pick-me-up, Regina this January is the place to be. That’s because it’s time for…


Presented by the Regina Folk Festival, Winterruption is a much-needed break from the Winter Blues. Featuring seven nights of incredible performances, this is a festival for the true music lover!

Here’s a breakdown of the schedule:

January 22 | The Exchange
The festival kicks off in style with the Good Lovelies headlining! Recalling the folk harmonies of beloved acts like the Be Good Tanyas, these talented songstresses will put on an enchanting show, joined by Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Hannah Epperson.

January 23  | The Exchange
Are you ready for a little soul? Well, Begonia has a LOT of soul! This powerful vocalist plays old-school R&B with a new school twist. She’s amazing, and her opening acts the Dirty Catfish Brass Band and Super Duty Tough Work will make sure this is the show where you DANCE!

January 24 |  The Exchange
Choir!Choir!Choir! is a show of a different kind – that’s because you’re the performer! This beloved touring show involves handing audience members lyric sheets and organizing them into an impromptu act that performs selected songs. The entire choral session is filmed and posted on YouTube. 

January 25 | Artesian
Husband and wife duo White Horse normally play driving blues-rock, but for Winterruption they’re going to get decidedly soft at their Warm & Cozy show. A musical equivalent of a hot rum toddy!

January 25 | The Exchange
Rock out with powerful women, and check out Weaves, Marissa Burwell, and The Won’ts!

January 26 | Artesian
Winnipeg’s own Little Miss Higgins closes out the festival with her hilarious brand of bluesy swing. She’ll be joined by Ellen Froese for a fantastic final night!

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